A Panorama Of Statistics. Perspectives, Puzzles And Paradoxes In Statistics

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A Panorama of Statistics: Perspectives, Puzzles and Paradoxes in Statistics Eric Sowey, School of Economics, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Peter Petocz, Department of Statistics, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia This book is a stimulating panoramic tour – quite different from a textbook journey – of the world of statistics in both its theory and practice, for teachers, students and practitioners

A Panorama of Statistics Leads readers to discover the fascinations of statistics

At each stop on the tour, the authors investigate unusual and quirky aspects of statistics, highlighting historical, biographical and philosophical dimensions of this field of knowledge

Each chapter opens with perspectives on its theme, often from several points of view

Five original and thought-provoking questions follow

Is an enjoyable companion to an undergraduate statistics textbook

Is an enriching source of knowledge for statistics teachers and practitioners

Is unique among statistics books today for its memorable content and engaging style

Lending itself equally to reading through and to dipping into, A Panorama of Statistics will surprise teachers, students and practitioners by the variety of ways in which statistics can capture and hold their interest.

Readers can compare their own statistical discoveries with the authors detailed answers to all the questions

Scattered among the questions are entertaining puzzles to solve and tantalising paradoxes to explain

The writing is lively and inviting, the ideas are rewarding, and the material is extensively cross-referenced

These aim at widening readers knowledge and deepening their insight

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